Singapore Company Registration Specialist

Local Resident Company Incorporation $580

Include all government agencies' fees for incorporation

Include Company Secretary fee for first year

Maintenance of all Statutory Registers

Foreign Individual Company Incorporation From $2,815 to $4,115

Nominee Director or EntrePass Application


Include Company Secretary fee for first year

Assistance in Corporate Bank Account opening

Maintenance of all Statutory Registers

Business advisory to achieve your business goals

Keep more of your money. Build freedom through perfectly legal tax strategies and planning no matter where you operate. 

People have come to us and evidently enjoy tax savings through methodology of involving tools from incentives to tax residency. 

Are you paying tens of thousands on tax? Time to relook your strategies. 



Welcome to the changing world

On one end, we have tax authories expanding their reach over our endeavours, and a more volatile, unpredictable global economy.

While at the other end, with the exponential growth of the internet, a globalising world trade and the emergence of the developing economies, the opportunities available to anyone that’s willing to adapt to these changes and ride the waves are unprecedented. Time and tide wait for no one.


Entrepreneurs across the globe are going through a challenging, and at the same time, exciting phase of their careers. Challenging because of the ever-changing business environment, and exciting because with change comes an opportunity to innovate capitalise through these upheavals.


Through our work with clients, we see that to excel in today’s dynamic global business climate, successful business owners must approach their hard earned profits with sound strategy to keep it intact, considering also the eroding effect of the almighty inflation.

I’m Mike Woo, founder of Adventure Capitalist.

My mission is to show you that international boundaries is not a limiting factor and that you can systematically improve your living situation.


I research countries (both developed and developing) every year in search of tax havens in doing business for entrepreneurs like yourself: best off-shore banking for your online retail store or best tax residency for your trading business.


Business is an adventure. It does not end when you pay your taxes. Tax is part of it. Safe havens can help you and your business with enjoying freedom as an economic tourist.


The company is founded with a rebellious spirit and resilient drive. We work relentlessly to give our clients the most compelling service experience possible. Because life is good.


Keep more money, build more freedom

Relocate your business in terms of jurisdiction, operation does not change in essence. Go offshore, change tax residency (corporate). 

Obtain a second residency (personal) or citizenship if desired. Greatly increases freedom, mobility and dependence on a single government. 

Invest in "Asian" way: of stashing your extra bills in real estates. Privately advised in both emerging and developed regions of Asia. Pooled investments by means of commercial vehicles.



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Tel: +65 9 00 22 093


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